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Product Overview

Anyone familiar with physical therapy, chiropractors and massages will tell you that a critical ingredient to maximize the effectiveness of a session is the body oil. Meet our Essential Body Oil, the newest addition to our outstanding HempMeds® Personal Care Line. This innovative and incredibly potent Body Oil includes 500 mg of our superb quality hemp oil to deliver a powerful topical aid encompassing a wide array of benefits for your skin, muscles and overall body well-being. Pairing the power of nature’s best ingredients through our proprietary blend of skin enriching botanicals with CBD, this is the topical MVP for your self-care routine.


  • 500mg CBD Isolate per Bottle
  • Relieves dry or rough skin on knees, feet & elbows.
  • Use with moisturizer to reveal smooth, beautiful skin.
  • Ingredients – Medium Chain Triglycerides Oil and CBD Hemp Extract.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review